Lucky Dip Treat


This bank holiday treat yourself to one of our lucky dip gift boxes! With prices as low as £1 you can guarantee to be thrilled with your lucky dip upon delivery. Each lucky dip will greatly exceed the purchase price. The more you spend the more you get 💖

An extra special treat to refresh your jewellery box and if there is something that’s not your style or just not for you then there’s a Christmas stocking filler sorted already! 

  • We guarentee you will love your lucky surprise.
  • Lucky Dips made at random and can contain costume jewellery - ring stacks, necklaces and earrings. 
  • The higher the spend, the more your treasures will exceed the lucky dip value.
  • Lucky Dips over £20 will contain a sterling silver treasure. 
  • If ordering over £20 drop a note on your order with your ring size as you may get sent some extra special sterling silver treasures. 
  • For instance, a £20 lucky dip could contain £40 in value of jewels.
  • Images for example purposes only. 
  • Discount codes not available on lucky dip boxes.