clean your jewellery

That's right, simple house hold products such as ketchup, light ale and baking powder can save keep your jewellery looking great, and save you the cost of silver cleaning products or visiting the jewellers.

use a paper clip to fasten a bracelet

 Fastening jewellery yourself can be a real pain, but with a little help from a paper clip frustration can be avoided. Here's a quick tip for fasten those pesky bracelets all by yourself - Simply thread the clip through the catch and with your other hand, clasp it together. Easy!

how to untangle necklace chains

 Moisture is your jewellerys worst enemy. Sweat, water and perfume can tarnish and even completely ruin your jewellery. Try to minimise exposure to moisture to keep your jewellery looking fresh. Simple things like taking jewellery off to do household tasks, don't shower in jewellery and putting your jewellery on after your perfume and make up can all help. 

 how to untangle necklace chains

 Is your favourite necklace all tangled and the prospect of sitting there for the rest of eternity untangling driving you to insanity? No worries, use baby powder. Place your chain on a clean plate and sprinkle over with a little baby powder, the knots in the chain with loosen and untangling it will be a much simpler task.

finding your ring size

 Have you ever found some totally rocking rings online, but have no clue what ring size you are? We've got your covered. Cut out a small strip of paper and wrap it around your finger, mark the spot and measure the distance with a ruler. Now check the sizes below and you've got your ring size. 

You can find our helpful ring size conversion charts here

ring size chart

travelling with jewellery

When travelling, lay your jewellery flat out between two sheets of plastic wrap to save on space and keep your treasures from tangling.

tangled chains

Are you tired of finding your necklaces tangled up? Use a straw. Thread on end of the chain through a straw before fastening and you necklaces will now be forever tangle free.

got your ring stuck? use windex

Ever gotten your ring stuck? Usually in summer when it heats up we get our rings stuck as our hands expand. Use a little Windex (window cleaning agent) to help lubricate your finger and remove the ring without amputation. 

add chalk to your jewellery box

Add a little chalk to your jewellery box - this will absorb moisture and help protect your silver jewellery from tarnish.

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