June has been a busy old month here at Cherry Diva HQ, we've added and changed a lot of on site imaging, introduced a whole host of new lines, including a few awesome additions to our clothing boutique, and launched the Diva's page, so we can all see your amazing selfies. 


We also made some AMAZING peanut butter brownies, Yum. 




But in the midst of all of that, we have been working with a WWE Diva, and taking a look at her picks. She loved the Ibiza baby collection, and well, a set got sent to Orlando Florida, and she rocked them like a #Boss.



So, that is our Diva Pick, Sasha and her amazing Ibiza Baby collection, ready for summer! 


Don't forget, our #Selfie competition is running through July, so just #CherryDiva on Instagram to be in with a chance to win x

Jamie Jackson