One of the biggest and sexiest trends in ladies accessories this summer is the body chain, something which you can wear in new and interesting ways which come naturally and this edgy style is becoming increasingly popular.

One look at Rihanna rocking a beach body chain just shows one way this sexy accessory can transform your look, even one where just rocking that bikini - but don't worry you don't need to be soaking up the sun on a beach to rock a body chain, they style superbly with a crop top or even a short suit, that's the beauty of this glamorous, flexible accessory. 

As you can see in the photo above, you can transform that beach babe look with a simple body chain, this time simply crossed across the body.

They also work well with a crop top, however you will want to keep your outfit pretty basic, as not to get your body chain tangled. Here you can see a body chain can really take a simple crop top outfit to the next level.

Here is our favourite way to rock a body chain, and this is one for day to day styling. Simple layer your body chain over your top, but under your blazer, this is really suitable for work or play. 

Suitable for those warm summer days, a simple cross over body chain can really transform your LBD this summer. So there we have it, 4 simple ways to rock a body chain this summer, and don't forget to use the freedom to really style the body chain to your own tastes, as they are a really flexible piece and can be worn in a number of configurations.

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Jamie Jackson