If you're a bit like us, you've probably got enough jewellery strewn around the house to fill a second hand shop, but we can't let go, we like to hoard it, one day we will wear it again.
In the mean time, we need to keep it safe, because broken jewellery is no good to us. We also need to be able to find it, a task that can easily last half an hour some days. So we've scoured Pinterest for some genius ways to organise your jewellery.
Hang it. - Simple, organised and a real space saver.
Bangles on a toilet roll holder - we like it.
Store your earrings on a picture frame with mesh backing.
..Or hand them from a picture frame with small hooks.
If Ikea sold these..
Small decorative dishes, perfect for tiny jewels.
DIY hangers made from a large mirror or picture frame, with sticks used as hangers. Genius.
We sure found these helpful, I'm now off to steal the toilet roll holder for bangle duty. Let us know if you've got any more idea's for organising your jewellery :)
Jamie Jackson


Great tips!

— Martha