how to wear a chunky necklace

Going for a chunky statement necklace can really transform an outfit and take it from blah to chic and bold without breaking the bank. Cherry Diva's chunky range of necklaces are available in a wide range of colours, styles and shapes, so finding the perfect chunky necklace for that fab night out is a piece of cake. 

Chunky necklaces are available in a wide range of materials, such as glass, acrylic, crystal and metal and can provide a whole new take on even a simple outfit. Statement necklaces really can be versatile and if you choose the right one it can be perfect for any occasion, be it work or play.
Our chunky necklaces are available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes and choosing the right one for you can be daunting, but with a few tips from us it will make picking out your perfect statement piece a breeze.
statement necklace
  • As a rule we say only wear a patterned or multi coloured necklace with a plain top or dress, as you don't want your beautiful statement necklace to be lost against the patterns and colours of the clothing and doesn't make your outfit look too busy.

  • Match the materials to the outfit. This means if you're looking for something to suit that elegant evening dress, choose crystal or glass as it will give the outfit a more elegant feel, if you're going casual try a tribal design or beaded jewels. If you're rocking a simple summer dress a floral style necklace can give you those bold summer vibes.

  • Choose the necklace for the occasion. Not all necklaces suit every situation so take a step back and think when you will wear the necklace, what type of outfit you will match it will and the time of year (a yellow floral necklace at Christmas could look a little out of place..) A chunky chic necklace under a shirt collar will give an understated vibe at the office, a bold metallic piece would really suit that little black dress and a tribal beaded design works will with every day casual.

  • When wearing a bib necklace, wear it over the neckline of a top or dress to create a unique look. Alternatively, wear it an inch or two higher than the neckline to avoid the need to adjust it throughout the day, and to create a clear line between the two.

  • It's best not to team a chunky necklace with other chunky pieces, as it can make an outfit look too busy

  • Keep your body shape in mind, if you've got a shorter neck a short chunky necklace can make you look bulky, a longer necklace can make you look more slender.

I hope our top tips for choosing a statement necklace have helped you out, and if you've got any more tips for us hit us up in the comments box below.
Jamie Jackson