Silver rings

We're all crazy about silver jewellery, it's a beautiful material which we can't help but adore. We all want to keep our treasures looking fresh, so here are out top tips for keeping your silver tarnish free and looking on point.

silver boho rings

  • Wear your treasures often! Oil from your skin will keep it looking fresh.
  • Avoid cosmetics. Put your jewellery on after your make up and hair products. Chemicals in these beauty products will accelerate tarnish.
  • Don't wear them when cleaning. This may sound counter intuitive, but the chemicals in household cleaning products such as bleach can cause tarnish.
  • Store 'em. Store your silver jewellery in air tight bags with anti-tarnish strips if you can. If not, try keeping a silica gel packet in your jewellery box to absorb moisture and minimize tarnish.
  • A Little cleaning helps! Use a little silver polish with a Q-tip to give your silver a quick clean. Be sure to avoid circular motions when cleaning as you may scratch it.