Good news guys, we've got your favourite items back in stock! 


We've got our funky Skeleton Hand necklace..



The Love Pearl Studs..



The Pretend Angel studs..



And the gorgeous Wonderland Bracelet 



All back, at amazing prices <3


Jamie Jackson


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— Aril

Love the cut out detailing and the prttey pastel colour, perfect for you Australians enjoying Spring!You look super prttey in these photos too (not that you ever look any less!)I was wondering about the interview questions I sent to you and Maria a few weeks back?I totally get that you would be busy but I’d love to know how you’re doing with them!xoYasmin

— Joe

That top is too adorable Isabella!The blue color is so vranbit and lovely while the cut out details make it a little more special and interesting.I think your top pairs perfectly with your new crisp white shorts. They have a really cool pattern and I’m sure they’ll pair well with tons of other pieces in the future!Man, every time I see you wearing your cute boots, I feel the need to get myself a pair!They seem so versatile and look amazing paired with white socks. That plus I bet they’re comfortable and very practical.Hmmm maybe I’ve convinced myself to buy a pair? Have a lovely day Isabella!! <3~AliceP.S. Your hair looks amazing in these photos! It’s so shiny and smooth and looks so touchable!

— YiYi