Hey Diva's, hope you're all well.


Just popping this up so we can talk a little about what we've done this week.


We've added something called Instagration to our site, which means that Instagram has been integrated onto Cherrydiva.co.uk. This means every time #Cherrydiva is used on Instagram the picture will be sent to us to add to our website.


So that means when you all send your awesome selfies in to us, rocking Cherry Diva bling you can see them all in one place, on our website. We've had quite a lot of you send in pictures this week and you can see them all here.


We've also added a review system to our store, you can leave an onion and read others. We like to hear what you guys our to say :)


Until next time..

Jamie Jackson


I love everything about you.You are a very good rdeooml.Even for my little age.TO me you look like the next version of beyon’ce.You look so rich and I’m also from Africa but I’m from Ghana.My mom sounds so much like my mom. MY mom has so much shoes and african clothes like everything is like in BIG!!! suitcases.Anyways, your like a big sis to me so i hope you do well.God bless you in whatever you are doing!!! BYE BIG SISTER!!!

— Rhafie

Hi Sraikh!Your posts are inspiring me and I am thnnkiig of joining a gym. I went to curves but didn’t like it too much and there is 1 more gym in the area where you just go and work out. Can you please tell me what to see and expect. I mean how much is too much fee and what to expect from them. Should I hire a personal trainer or just do the exercise. how much do you pay? And could you give me the link to your exercise blog..HugsMommy of 2Me: emailed you

— Martin