You can see jelly watches everywhere, these days. Especially during the summer months. There is no doubting they are one of summers hottest trends, and there is a summer watch for everybody.


We have a perfect jelly watch for everybody in store, in a wide range of bold colours, muted colours, floral styles, round faces, large faces and hexagonal faces. 


Jelly watches are super light weight, comfortable in heat and won't irritate the skin, plus you can find a colour to go match any outfit, or even go for a muted black watch to accompany anything. 


There is something for everyone when the accessory in question is a jelly watch, whether you're young, old, formal or casual a jelly watch will be the perfect accessory. 


Jamie Jackson


i just stumbled upon this blog while shncreiag for articles on isis apfel.and now you have a fan for life!great concept! great photos! love love!adding this to my link list!

— Akash

i just stumbled upon this blog while shncreiag for articles on isis apfel.and now you have a fan for life!great concept! great photos! love love!adding this to my link list!

— Akash

HaHaHa!! I wonder if this woman enyjos telling everyone she’s 10 years OLDER than she really is. Thus everyone raves about how GREAT she looks for her age!!!I do this sometimes just for fun!

— Beatriz

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