We all like things which are made to last, and sometimes we can even prolong the lifespan of something by taking a little care of it. 
Here are a few of our handy tips for keeping your costume & statement jewellery looking fresh and dazzling for longer.
  • Always put jewellery on last, and take it off first. This stops snagging on clothing when being worn or removed and reduced the chances of breaking your jewels.
  • Make up first & perfume first, jewellery second. That's right, apply your make up and perfume first, as not to expose your jewellery to chemicals, as this could result in discolouration and tarnish.
  • Don't clean your jewellery with abrasive substances. Abrasive cleaning products are likely to damage or tarnish your costume jewellery, and even weaken the glue which holds the jewels in place. We recommend using as little liquid as possible. Try a drop of shampoo (baby shampoo works best) in a little water, and clean with a Q-tip or cotton swab.
  • Store your jewellery in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and separately. Exposure to extreme sunlight can cause discolouration to your jewellery, like when you see an old car in the desert - and we don't want that! We also recommend that you store each piece of jewellery separate so that you lessen the risk of scratching or tarnishing your jewels  - organza bags are perfect for this.
  • Don't submerge your jewellery for long periods in water, as this can lead to discolouration, tarnish and even weakening of the glues which hold gems in place.
We hope with these few handy tips, you can keep your jewels looking amazing for longer :)
Jamie Jackson