Wow. The past year has absolutely flown by, actually to think about it, it's kind of scary. Between the two of us, a guy and a girl with no real experience setting up a website, or selling anything, let alone setting up a brand, now have this amazing thing that we do, a love. 

It's weird really, we started off with a few idea's and a bit of work and we rolled with it, we took the leap and thought 'If we don't do this now, will we ever do it?'

I think that line of thought can really be applied to anything in life, I guess. We probably all have a moment in life where we regret not taking an opportunity, or just going for it, whether it be conquering a fear, or applying for that dream job, sometimes we feel apprehensive about change. 

Life is constantly changing, and I feel that we do focus on the negative far too often, as opposed to thinking about the positive, and what might be if we just take a chance?

Jamie Jackson


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— Drake

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— Bruna

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— Victor

I totally agree with you here! If you have a dream just go for it otherwise you will always be thinking ‘what if?’ I very much can relate to this post, I finish a business degree this year and I’m wondering what to do next. The unknown can be scary!

There is definitely a gap in the market for chic but affordable jewellery. I know myself I like to change my style a lot so I can make guilt-free purchases that won’t break the bank!

Emma | The Fashion Six

— Emma