Spring is almost here, mornings are getting lighter, the temperature is getting slightly warmer, and that means we can start shedding our coats, and begin showing off our spring jewellery, and what better way to add a dash of colour to your outfit, be it at work or out on the town, than with a fabulous Spring season statement necklace?

The Saraya Floral necklace - We love this, it's our Spring season Dahlia, with bright blue gemstones sure to stand out this spring, delicate golden detailing and hung from a soft velvet rope necklace which means it's comfortable to wear day to day without irritating your skin or chafing after long periods of wear.


With Spring comes the floral designs, and we're loving this beautiful bronze leaf multi layer necklace right now. You can wear this multi layer delight over a dress, vest or shirt to add a bit of contrast to an outfit. 

The Audrey Statement Necklace - Again we're loving this floral beauty, with it's delicate golden leaf design and trim, and muted nude tones this necklace isn't overbearing, but wear it over a black top or dress and watch it really pop.

Our Gypsy Princess necklace is a little different and more unconventional, but this makes perfect for a vintage look, with it's soft woven intertwined lace and chain design, complimented with dangling silver embossed coins. 

Think pink with our delightful Wild Flower necklace. This lightweight gemstone necklace is sure to add a burst of colour to your outfit, and with it's delicate gemstone centrepiece it's sure to add a little sparkle too.

These are our fave five Spring time necklaces right now, what are yours?

March 17, 2015 by Jamie Jackson

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