The sun is shining, it's like super warm outside and it's starting to feel like summer is on the way - except on those chilly evenings, oh and those pretty cold mornings too, which kind of brings us to the point of our blog today - 25 ways to wear your summer scarf. We don't mean summer scarf as in wrap up when it's baking out, oh no - we mean that gorgeous silky scarf which keeps the chill from your neck and shoulders on an evening, whilst perhaps sitting in the beer garden, or in the local park enjoying summer.
We've been thinking about doing this kind of post for a while, but then we found somebody who has done it much better than we ever could, so we're sharing her tips with you - 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes.
This amazingly creative YouTube video was made by fashion blogger Wendy Nguyen, you can find here amazing blog here, and her YouTube channel here.
Have an awesome weekend guys :)
Jamie Jackson


thank you for sharing

— huafu

Great post, I’ll be pinching a few of those ideas! ✌️

— Natasha

Amazing video – thanks for sharing I’ve got a few style ideas for spring now!

— Hannah