When the tangle teezer first hit the shops a few years ago it was raved about so much that I seen them advertised everywhere, every market stall , salon and chemist was selling these miracle brushes.
The reviews for these brushes were hitting 5 stars so it wasn't long before I decided to give it ago.
Firstly let me describe my hair for you. I have reasonably long thick naturally curly colour treated hair. Very curly when left to dry naturally.On occasions my hair can dry out especially when on holiday due to all the salt and chloride. I also tend to wrap my hair up in to a big bun when exercising or doing housework which tends to make my hair more tangled when i take my hair down.
I went for the compact tangle teezer brush with protector for easy storage as I tend to carry my brushes around with me. Only two words are needed for me to describe this brush HOLY GRAIL. The Tangle teezer is the best brush i have ever used, and is now my go to everyday brush. Having thick curly hair I have tried many things over the years from wide tooth combs to paddle brushes, whilst all did the job with a bit of pulling , screaming and chunks of hair left in the product nothing compared to this product for me. My hair is left tangle free with minimal damage,breakage and zero pain. I even use this brush in the shower to brush through hair treatments and masques, for precise product distribution which ensures my hair is effortlessly de-tangled ready to be styled.
I love this brush so much that we sourced the supplier for the exact brush I purchased and brought it available to you on our website. You can find it here
- Revolutionary teeth configuration for dual action. Gives pain-free detangling.
- Memory flex technology for speedy and gentle results. Ideal on wet and dry hair.
- Easy click-off, click-on cover to protect teeth. Keeps them clean on-the-go.
- Ergonomically designed to fit snugly in your palm for creative styling and easy handling.
The compact Tangle Tezeer is available online in our store for the purse friendly £6.50 
Give it a try I promise you wont be disappointed! 
Jamie Jackson


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