Here at Cherry Diva we love spending a few minutes reading through some of our favourite fashion blogs, whether it be over a cup of tea or during lunch we really love the content that these ladies produce and think it's time to give some appreciation to our top five UK bloggers.
Style Bubble -  Style Bubble is a blog by Susanna Lau that has been going since 2006, she says "It consists of her widely read thoughts, personal experiences and observations on fashion with a focus on spotlighting young and unknown talent".
Now we really love Style Bubble, it's always a good read and Susie isn't afraid of working outside the box with her outfits. We really enjoy how she finds brands from around the world and features what she finds interesting. This one might not be to everyone's tastes, but we always find it a good read.
Curious Alice Loves -  Curious Alice is a blog written by Jenny, however the name was inspired by Alice in Wonderland when her passion for fashion became an obsession whilst at University. She's dedicated to bringing style to the forefront of her home town of Hull and does at lot of work in the Hull blogging circle. 
We've worked with Alice in the past, which is what initially bought our attention to her blog, however we've been avid readers ever since. She covers a range of topics from celebrity fashion, to outfit posts, to beauty. There's always something new on her blog so it's worth checking every few days for a quick lunch time read.
Retro Chick - The face behind Retro Chick is Gemma Seager, from the Norfolk town of Norwich. You'll usually find that she's "rambling about what I’ve been up to, wearing frocks, getting angry about vanity sizing and body image and indulging in fantasy shopping trips" on her blog, and we love it.
Now I'm a sucker for great design and Gemma has one of the best designed blogs in the world in my opinion, it just suits her content down to the ground from the muted colours, to the retro hover colours on her images, I love it all (Even her sponsors are retro themed). 
We also love her retro style (kind of the theme of the blog!) too. Her outfits are a modern twist on the retro style and we really enjoy reading on what she has to say about this wonderful style. Check her out for some amazing design and some vintage outfits.
I Wear My Wages -  This is a blog that does what it says on the tin - she really does wear her wages. Work Hard - Buy Hard, that's her motto and I can't say that we disagree. I Wear My Wages is run by Jill and has been featured in magazines nationwide in the past, however she's on our list 'coz we love her style.
She's a down to earth type of gal and we dig that, she produces some fantastic outfit posts which really do inspire manic shopping spree's after reading so purse beware when you read I Wear My Wages.
Rock On Holly -  Rock On Holly is an amazing blog by well, Holly - a Manchester based Fashion Blogger and Co-Founder of Rock On Ruby Clothing. She's all about indie styles with tailored pieces and mixed prints and we love it.
Holly is honestly on of our favourite bloggers right now, her posts are insightful and well written, with some superb photography. We also love how she variers her topics throughout her blog for an ever interesting read. Her outfit posts are top notch and she's usually found something quirky - which we dig. This is a great evening read and well worth checking out.
So there are out top five fashion blogs right now we hope you enjoy them like we do :)
Jamie Jackson


I’m a big fan of a few of those blogs already, I’m gonna check out the others though!

— Marnie

Great read, I’ve been following Rock on Holly for a while too.

— Alice

Thanks very much for the mention! You’re one of my faves too xx

— Jenny