Looking forward to your next summer holiday? Jetting to a far away location can be super exciting, but the packing before hand can always cause a headache, but we've got five simple tips that may make your pre holiday packing a little less frustrating.

Tip 1 - Roll it, don't fold it.

Who really wants to iron whilst on holiday? You can spend that time flat out on a sun bead, taking a dip in the pool or enjoying a poolside tipple. Save on the holiday ironing by simply neatly rolling your clothing up. Not only will it arrive with less creases, but it will also take up less space in your case. Make sure everything is flat before you start rolling and go from top to bottom, waist band to ankle.

Tip 2 - Towels keep stuff safe.

If you're planning on taking some fabulous jewellery, electrical items, or even perfume we always roll our delicate items inside a towel and then place that in the middle of the case - that way you're giving your delicate items the most protection from bumps and smashes - we've all seen that guy throwing suitcases around at the airport. 

Tip 3 - Take an organised approach.

Before packing anything, decide on what you actually want to take, or better yet what you need. This way, you can systemically pack your suitcase. This will not only save space, but will allow you to find everything much easier than if you just throw everything inside - remember tip 1 - we don't want creased up clothing!

Tip 4 - Plan what you want to wear.

Have you come home from a holiday and unpacked a heap of clothing that you didn't wear? Yep, us too. With a little pre-holiday planning you can pick your outfits before you leave, that way you will only be taking what you actually need. Do we really need to take 7 pairs of high heels with us? Not likely, so plan in advance, and save on space, weight, and the inevitable nightmare of having too much weight in your case for the trip home.

Tip 5 - Don't max out your weight limit.

This ties in with tip 4, but we've all been there. We're allowed 20KG of luggage on the plane. We load up our suitcase with 19.7KG of clothing, shoes and toiletries and away we go. The problem here is when it's time to come home. You've done a bit of shopping, raided duty free and loaded up on gifts for loved ones back home - now where do we put it all? Yep, that leads to us desperately throwing away clothes, shoes and sun creams in an attempt to make weight. Plan what you need to take before you pack and try to leave 1KG of weight spare for the trip home. That way, there will be no last minute panic at the hotel or airport.


So there we have it, our top five tips for holiday packing - We've made the mistakes, let's hope you can learn from us :)

Have a wonderful holiday ladies x

July 28, 2015 — Jamie Jackson

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