Getting the right sun glasses to suit your face isn't an easy task with the huge range of styles and shapes out there, but our guide to is here to help you pick a style that suits your face, and most importantly, protects your peepers from harmful UV rays. 

The first thing you need to do is determine your face shape. We've found the best way of doing this is to take a picture of your face and compare it to the image above, there you should be able to see which of our examples resembles your face shape the most. 

Now that you've got a face shape, read on - here comes the style tips.


If you have a longer, thinner face the chances are you will have stronger jaw and longer nose. We recommend two styles here, go square or stick to the classic aviator. Stick to thinner frames and ones which don't extend past the widest part of your face. If your frames are too big they will 'shrink' your head, however be aware that tiny frames may result in an 'egg head' look. Go for square frames with blunt edges to compliment an oblong face.


 A square face usually means a strong jaw and forehead, the aim here is to soften the angles and make the face look longer. For this you should look towards oversized curvy styles, or once again the ever classic aviator. If you have strong features we say the bigger the better - choose a curvy style for a feminine look, or go girly with butterfly rims. Remember, go oversized and glamorous.


A pointed chin, high cheek bones and wide forehead call for a more quirky, retro style. Cat eyed frames are a great feminine choice, but for the ultra girly look we think butterfly rims are the ultimate choice. 


With a round face comes a soft shape. You want to go for definition here to slim the cheeks so pick a frame with a rim which is wider than your face. Soft but angular styles will pull your temple higher, lengthening your face and breaking up the roundness. Go for a square or angular frames - avoid rounded frames that will make your face look bigger. 


An oval face with a rounded forehead is the shape everyone looks to, so count yourself lucky as any style will work here. You can really go all out here and go for the latests trends. You can't go wrong however with larger frames, they will accentuate your cheekbones and give a slimming look - anything to small will squash your face.

Jamie Jackson