7 tips to keep silver looking fresh

Sterling silver is a versatile metal for jewelry making, which in turn raises it's popularity.  However, between neglect and just the nature of sterling silver, it's easy for it to lose its luster and tarnish  You may be wondering how this happens.  Tarnishing simply happens through exposure to oxygen and oxidative reactions that occur with sulfur making it all too easy for it to happen.  High humidity levels, air pollution and contact with chemicals found in deodorant, hairspray, lotions, perfume and bleach can also cause tarnishing to your sterling silver jewellery.

So, how can we keep it looking fresh? Here are seven top tips for keeping your sterling silver jewellery looking great.
  1. Store it in ziploc bags. Might sound a little crazy but hear me out - keeping the air away from your jewellery will help stop oxidation and will keep your silver looking fresh - but make sure to squeeze the air out of the bag before you seal it.
  2. Keep it stored away from direct sunlight
  3. Chalk is known to absorb moisture and chemical residue. Keep a little piece of chalk in your jewellery box or drawers.
  4. Silica bags. You find these when you buy a pair of new shoes. Silica absorbs moisture, much like the chalk, which in turn will keep your silver from tarnishing.
  5. Store it - Never leave your silver lying around  ans don't shower or swim in it, between the chlorine and the humidity your jewellery isn't going to fair well.
  6. Only clean with wipes and polish - only use silver wipes and jewellery polish to clean your jewellery, you may have heard of using toothpaste and baking soda, but this is far too abrasive and will damage your silver.
  7. Keep it away from chemically treated surfaces - that means wood. Surfaces that have been treated or stained speed up the tarnishing process.

Those are our 7 top tips to keeping your silver looking great, got any more? Leave 'em in the comments!

Jamie Jackson