Hi guys, welcome to our fourth edition of our Bloggers Love series, this time we are featuring a lovely blog by Jodie, called A La Jode. 


A La Jode is a fashion and personal style blog run by Jodie. She started it up as a creative outlet whilst at University and has evolved into a "more personal look at fashion and my relationship with it"


I personally really like this blog. What I first noticed is how clean and tidy the blog looks, how it's presented. It's packed full of gorgeous imagery and I love the carousel with the latest Blog posts too. It's also really easy to navigate and find what interests you.


Speaking of which, there is quite the variety in topics from amazing fashion finds, like this amazing Kimono...



.. And fab accessories for the season, style trends, hair and beauty tips and great little articles about happenings in her personal life. It really is a varied, professional looking blog, and we really suggest you take a look at it when you've got a few minutes spare (Like, in the office, whilst 'working ;D)


You can find this amazing blog at A La Jode


Twitter @alajode


Go on, take a look :) 

Jamie Jackson


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— Danielle

That’s not just logic. That’s really seielbns.

— Datherine

Yo! I was wanting your opnoiin on an 1/8 Brushless buggy. I like the HPI Vorza, but my budget is more along the lines of the Red Cat bacldraft. lol.. anyway I dont race, just bash, but I dont want junk. So any ideas?? Also a text reply is fine.Thanks man.

— Xinh