We're often asked how to wear statement jewellery, there is always the idea that statement jewellery should be worn only on formal occasion, however we disagree with this, we believe that statement jewellery can be worn with almost anything, at almost any time. 


Most of the time we just like to throw something on, quick and easy - but still give the appearance that we have made an effort, and a little bit of statement jewellery can be the perfect way to do that.



We try to keep things simple really, we love a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or vest, or a simple dress, but by adding a few bits of statement jewellery can really enhance your outfit. Take our simple blue dress above, add one of our beautiful Nude Marilyn statement necklaces, a nude double wrap bangle and a pair of Love Pearl studs to make your outfit really stand out, and in less than 20 minutes :)

We like to keep it simple, and stylish. We think you should keep your top simple, no fancy necklines as that will detract from the necklace, and only wear 2 colours at most. 


Remember ladies, keep it simple and stylish :)


Jamie Jackson


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How to wear Statement Jewellery – Cherry Diva good articles

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How to wear Statement Jewellery – Cherry Diva good articles

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