Well all love a cheap treat, and a bit of choice. Variety is the spice of life after all.. Right?


We used to love those Pick 'N' Mix stands in our younger days (Well, I still do..), I always remeber the best one in my eyes at Woolworths, those big cups which you could fill to the brim for around £2. 



Who doesn't love that? 


We decided that Pick 'N' Mix shouldn't just apply to sweeties, we think it should apply to most things in life, now we're still waiting for a cup cake pick 'n' mix selection but that's out of our hands.



What we've decided to do is create our own, super sparkly, full of lovely things that make you smile Jewellery Pick 'N' Mix, every item in our Pick 'N' Mix selection is just £1, so you can fill that bag right up with goodies, for a super low price :)


A girl can never have too many jewels, right? 

Jamie Jackson