We have finally made it into the new year of 2015, and with the winter weather of January still looming, (even more so than ever) and the days still remain short and dull, we are all anxiously looking forward towards the bright days of spring and summer that never seem to be coming. With the grey and cold days of January being unarguably far from inspiring and let alone motivating, it is difficult to feel happy and cheerful when surrounded by this dismal weather.

Nevertheless, you need not worry! Cherry Diva have an exciting and inspiring solution for you, to help you brighten up your day and not to mention your wardrobe. Allow Cherry Diva to guide you through the latest of sparkling, colourful and glittering pieces of jewellery and accessories that January has got to offer. Adding a new shimmering and exciting piece of jewellery to your new outfit is guaranteed to add a smile on to your face, and wow others.

With such a wide variety of different jewellery and accessories from Cherry Diva, what pieces are actually ‘in’ this month? Well, let us take a look at just a few examples:

Bangles & Bracelets

Usually worn as a pair or more, bangles and bracelets are traditionally solid or flexible rings that slip over the hand and up onto the wrist, some also come with clasps or other mechanisms in which to open and close them securely. Many individuals prefer to mix and match bracelets made of different materials, such as copper, gold, silver, beads, wood, leather and many other materials and fabrics. Bracelets and bangles have seen continuous popularity over many decades due to their versatility and often their inexpensive price tag. Bracelets and bangles adorn the wrists of many individuals around the world, from school girls, to celebrities, while sounding their signature clatter or jingle with every move of the wrist. With so many designs, styles and colours to choose from you will be guaranteed to find a bracelet or bangle from Cherry Diva to brighten up your gloomy January.

Necklaces & Chains

With so many necklace designs, styles and colours available it can often be difficult to choose the right one for your outfit. And with free shipping UK with any orders over £20 at Cherry Diva, you can easily treat yourself to many! Statement necklaces are very much ‘in’ this year, with their big and bold colours and diamonds, you will certainly fall in love with this particular type of necklace.

Statement necklaces are significantly larger than typical necklaces and come with an excessive amount of dangle, plenty of beads/diamonds, or other intricate detailing. They are produced from a wide variety of materials and are available in what seems as an infinite number of colours and combinations. This style of necklace is fashioned to really ‘pop’ and stand out, and are often bold and flashy. Statement necklaces are increasingly becoming the favorite jewellery piece to finish off any style or look, and can add dimension to any outfit, from elegant, to fun, there is something for everyone.

Jamie Jackson