Bloggers Love #1

We love a good blog here at Cherry Diva, we love reading what you guys have to say, what your interests are, what your passions in life are, and let's not lie, it gives us a good excuse to kick back and have a little read.


Recently we worked with a fabulous young lady, Jill, who runs the I Wear My Wages blog, which is a great on trend fashion blog which has been featured in magazines nationwide, and we think you guys should check it out, it's definitely worth a look if you've got an interest in fashion and accessories. 



She also happens to be a pretty nifty photographer.



She has a unique style, and doesn't follow any trends and offers great fashion tips and advice on her blog, and it's updated every few days with fresh content, and of course, she rocks Cherry Diva jewels :)


So, make sure you check her out, and tell her Cherry Diva sent you ;)

@Iwearmywages on twitter

July 28, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Shiny New Things!

We all love new things, right?


Everybody loves getting home to find something lovely and new waiting on the door mat, and we're no different, it's a little like Christmas when you get home and have things to open :)

We love having shiny new lovely things, and we know you do too, so we've once again introduced over 20 all new fabulous shiny jewels at our usual amazing prices, from amazing cluster earrings, to fabulous Egyptian inspired golden necklaces and more. 



Our brand new Autumn Sparkle statement necklace, a fabulous multi colour acrylic gem, and gemstone piece with striking leopard print detail.



Our cute Dark Angel ring, with fully adjustable sizing :)


Our amazing new range of summer time weave bangles, fab value at only £4 each :)


Want to see more? Visit our What's Hot page for all of our amazing new lines x


July 13, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

5 Rules for wearing statement jewellery

Statement jewellery can really make that outfit pop and enhance your best features, a striking piece of statement jewellery can really complete an outfit for very little cost and make your outfit go from girl in the corner to girl on the cat walk.



1: Keep it simple.


Large statement pieces are best worn with a simple outfit, so that you don't have too much going on. Try to stay away from sequins, embellished clothing and busy patterns whilst wearing striking jewellery. You want the jewels to make the statement, so make sure that they stand out.


2: Choose a necklace that suits the neckline.



We always find the best way to wear a statement necklace is with a carefully chosen neckline. Off the shoulder, strapless, and v-necked tops are perfect, they will make your statement piece really make the outfit and become noticeable. 


A turtle neck can be worn with a statement necklace too, but make sure its fitted and is only one colour. Try and steer clear of collars and halter necks, as they can make it all look too busy. 


3: Don't forget to love your hands


Wearing any statement piece draws attention, and a statement ring is no different. Make sure those nails are in tip top condition and that the colours match the ring. A pretty good excuse for a manicure if you ask us. Statement rings are always a great piece to wear and enjoy, and we think the bigger the better, but don't go for more than one.



4:Wear pieces that will make an outfit.



Remember, when you wear your statement jewels you want to do just that, make a statement. You want to choose pieces that will help to create an outfit, not over power one. Vintage and floral jewellery always create a feminine look whilst a a bold large statement necklace with create a striking outfit with that LBD. Again keep it simple, don't wear competing items, you want your statement jewels to make the statement.


5: Statement Jewels first, make up second.


If you're wearing striking statement jewels, make sure you choose the jewels first and then apply the make up second, especially with glam earrings and necklaces - pieces that will be close to your face. Make sure it matches and usually that means going for the simpler look, steering away from the glittery make up.






July 02, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Diva Picks.

June has been a busy old month here at Cherry Diva HQ, we've added and changed a lot of on site imaging, introduced a whole host of new lines, including a few awesome additions to our clothing boutique, and launched the Diva's page, so we can all see your amazing selfies. 


We also made some AMAZING peanut butter brownies, Yum. 




But in the midst of all of that, we have been working with a WWE Diva, and taking a look at her picks. She loved the Ibiza baby collection, and well, a set got sent to Orlando Florida, and she rocked them like a #Boss.



So, that is our Diva Pick, Sasha and her amazing Ibiza Baby collection, ready for summer! 


Don't forget, our #Selfie competition is running through July, so just #CherryDiva on Instagram to be in with a chance to win x

June 15, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Oh, what a selfie!

Who doesn't like taking a good old selfie and sticking it on instagram? Who doesn't like prizes?


We love them both, so we're running a little competition between now and July, for you guys to send in your awesome selfies, wearing your goodies and we have a little prize draw in July, where vouchers can be won. 


All you need to do is the following:



#Cherrydiva on your instagram pictures, to be included in our July prize draw to win a Cherry Diva voucher. All you need to do is take a selfie of you rocking your Cherry Diva goodies on instagram, and #Cherrydiva . Your pictures will make it onto our Diva's page, and you could win our voucher! <3


Good luck, #Selfie 


June 05, 2014 — Jamie Jackson


Hey Diva's, hope you're all well.


Just popping this up so we can talk a little about what we've done this week.


We've added something called Instagration to our site, which means that Instagram has been integrated onto This means every time #Cherrydiva is used on Instagram the picture will be sent to us to add to our website.


So that means when you all send your awesome selfies in to us, rocking Cherry Diva bling you can see them all in one place, on our website. We've had quite a lot of you send in pictures this week and you can see them all here.


We've also added a review system to our store, you can leave an onion and read others. We like to hear what you guys our to say :)


Until next time..

May 26, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Soooo excited to introduce our new range of clothing into Cherry Diva Boutique

Hey Ladies 

Rach here again :)


I'm so so excited to introduce our new range of clothing this week! We have lots of beautiful lines from bustier dresses to cute lace play suits. We have lots more of new lines coming in soon to add to our boutique!

I cant wait to introduce them to you all. 


And as an added thank you we are offering FREE POSTAGE on all of our clothing! :)


Thanks for reading ladies 


Love Rach @ Cherry Diva 


May 21, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Worn By Champs!

Okay guys i am kind of fan girl excited!!

I am big fan of the WWE and recently the awesome Divas Champion Paige ( Saraya Jade Bevis) starting wearing our awesome jewels! 


As you can imagine I was kind of running around my house doing a mini Daniel Bryan Yes chant! 


Here she is rocking our awesome Skull Chocker Necklace and also of King of skulls ring!!!

Both still available online! 



Thanks Paige for rocking our jewels! 

May 10, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Oooooooh purses..

Good new ladies, we've got some brand new goodies in, this time they're purses. We've introduced 7 new purses to our store this weekend. 


We have a number of gorgeous faux snakeskin purses, a cake themed fabric number and a vintage skull inspired purse on show! 


Check them out here  - From only £9.99 with free UK delivery as always. 



March 08, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Back in stock!

Good news guys, we've got your favourite items back in stock! 


We've got our funky Skeleton Hand necklace..



The Love Pearl Studs..



The Pretend Angel studs..



And the gorgeous Wonderland Bracelet 



All back, at amazing prices <3


February 22, 2014 — Jamie Jackson