All new Super Hero Socks!


Introducing our all new range of Super Hero socks! We have 4 brand new Super Hero's in stock, and ready to take home! We've lit up the Bat Signal, and not only has Batman arrived, he has bought along Cat Woman, Wonder Woman and Super Man too! Grab your all new super hero ankle socks today, for just £3.50 each :)



October 22, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Super huge statement jewellery sale!


It's here! Our super duper, over the top, massive statement jewellery sale is now on! We've got almost 60 amazingly beautiful statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, watches and scarves, all half price this weekend!


We think super sparkly jewels should be available to all, and we really try to make that happen, so this weekend you can grab some amazing statement jewellery from only £2, yep that's right for less than a cup of coffee you can grab yourself an amazing watch, or something that glitters!


Why just treat yourself? We have a whole range of gift idea's too! Treat your friends and family for less in our massive half price sale this weekend! 


Shop the collection now :)


October 11, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Simple, Sweet Dainty Jewellery.


Sweet Dainty necklaces is one of my favourite trends at the moment, especially when they are layered up for that edgy but sweet girl next door look.  Every piece can be delicate and minimal on its own, but when layered together, it makes the perfect statement.
Is Dainty replacing the big and bold trend?
Treat your self or one of your friends to one of  these cute necklaces and style up and outfit with these cute dainty pieces.


October 06, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Fall Collection.

Good new ladies, our amazing fall collection has started to arrive!


We've really been listening to your feedback and have endeavoured to bring you more of the things that you love! We have introduced a whole new range of scarves over the past week, including this luxury Queen of Skulls scarf :)


Keeping the Skull theme going her for a minute, we've taken our ever popular weave bangles and given them an awesome Skull variation, as seen below.


But if black and skulls aren't quite your thing, we have also introduced a number of new floral watches to our range, this time with beautiful floral faux leather straps and stunning floral watch faces.



Where are the new season necklaces we hear you ask? Well Blue is the hot new colour this season and we've bought in some of the hottest statement necklaces around at our guilt free prices :)


You can check out the entire range of new season jewels & accessories right here

September 09, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

£1 Pick 'N' Mix


Well all love a cheap treat, and a bit of choice. Variety is the spice of life after all.. Right?


We used to love those Pick 'N' Mix stands in our younger days (Well, I still do..), I always remeber the best one in my eyes at Woolworths, those big cups which you could fill to the brim for around £2. 



Who doesn't love that? 


We decided that Pick 'N' Mix shouldn't just apply to sweeties, we think it should apply to most things in life, now we're still waiting for a cup cake pick 'n' mix selection but that's out of our hands.



What we've decided to do is create our own, super sparkly, full of lovely things that make you smile Jewellery Pick 'N' Mix, every item in our Pick 'N' Mix selection is just £1, so you can fill that bag right up with goodies, for a super low price :)


A girl can never have too many jewels, right? 

August 31, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

How to wear Statement Jewellery

We're often asked how to wear statement jewellery, there is always the idea that statement jewellery should be worn only on formal occasion, however we disagree with this, we believe that statement jewellery can be worn with almost anything, at almost any time. 


Most of the time we just like to throw something on, quick and easy - but still give the appearance that we have made an effort, and a little bit of statement jewellery can be the perfect way to do that.



We try to keep things simple really, we love a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or vest, or a simple dress, but by adding a few bits of statement jewellery can really enhance your outfit. Take our simple blue dress above, add one of our beautiful Nude Marilyn statement necklaces, a nude double wrap bangle and a pair of Love Pearl studs to make your outfit really stand out, and in less than 20 minutes :)

We like to keep it simple, and stylish. We think you should keep your top simple, no fancy necklines as that will detract from the necklace, and only wear 2 colours at most. 


Remember ladies, keep it simple and stylish :)


August 25, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Bloggers Love #4


Hi guys, welcome to our fourth edition of our Bloggers Love series, this time we are featuring a lovely blog by Jodie, called A La Jode. 


A La Jode is a fashion and personal style blog run by Jodie. She started it up as a creative outlet whilst at University and has evolved into a "more personal look at fashion and my relationship with it"


I personally really like this blog. What I first noticed is how clean and tidy the blog looks, how it's presented. It's packed full of gorgeous imagery and I love the carousel with the latest Blog posts too. It's also really easy to navigate and find what interests you.


Speaking of which, there is quite the variety in topics from amazing fashion finds, like this amazing Kimono...



.. And fab accessories for the season, style trends, hair and beauty tips and great little articles about happenings in her personal life. It really is a varied, professional looking blog, and we really suggest you take a look at it when you've got a few minutes spare (Like, in the office, whilst 'working ;D)


You can find this amazing blog at A La Jode


Twitter @alajode


Go on, take a look :) 

August 20, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Bloggers Love #3

Hey guys, welcome to our third edition of Bloggers Love. This week we're featuring a great little blog titled 'The Blonde Latte'. It's being run by a lovely young lady named Erin Nicole. 


Erin is currently a University student who isn't quite sure what she wants to do, and a proud Christian who adores her family, and obviously Blonde ;)


Her blog really is a great read, she covers wide range of topics, from hair, beauty, fashion, her travels and her personal experiences. The blog itself is really beautifully presented, we really love the Damask style background and quirky little signature at the bottom of every blog post :)


There really is plenty on the blog to keep you entertained, she posts video's weekly to let you guys know what's going on, video reviews, and some really amazing video tutorials. The product reviews are also really informative, detailed and accompanied with a fantastic range of images, modelling the products themselves (And we also really dig the heart shaped Pin It button that appears when you hover over an image)



We highly recommend this amazing blog and really, really think you guys should take a minute to check it out. There is always fresh content and videos being added too so give it a go :)


The Blonde Latte




August 13, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Jelly Watches - An Accessory for all.

You can see jelly watches everywhere, these days. Especially during the summer months. There is no doubting they are one of summers hottest trends, and there is a summer watch for everybody.


We have a perfect jelly watch for everybody in store, in a wide range of bold colours, muted colours, floral styles, round faces, large faces and hexagonal faces. 


Jelly watches are super light weight, comfortable in heat and won't irritate the skin, plus you can find a colour to go match any outfit, or even go for a muted black watch to accompany anything. 


There is something for everyone when the accessory in question is a jelly watch, whether you're young, old, formal or casual a jelly watch will be the perfect accessory. 


August 09, 2014 — Jamie Jackson

Bloggers Love #2

Hey guys, welcome to the second part of Bloggers Love. This time we are featuring the lovely Rachael Jess, who runs an absolutely fantastic blog over at Her blog is quite a unique one we think, it covers a wide range of topics from family life, crafts, product reviews and she's got a knack of finding really awesome really quirky things to write about.


Like these. 



She also features blog posts about her family life, great events such as Comicon and she also runs her own competitions too. We really enjoy reading her blog, it's something different and she's got a fun quirky side :)


Go on, take a few minutes to go and visit her over at Rachael Jess x

August 03, 2014 — Jamie Jackson
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